Our opening weekend of 2022 Constantine’s Haunt Reviews came through Hell’s Gates!

He gave us a good review check it out.

Hell’s Gates is a haunted house alternative located in Dawsonville, GA. This church sponsored event takes you into a world after the Rapture where you have been one of the unlucky ones to be left behind. Each scene features a look into what it will be like according to the Bible after God has taken his chosen people home and the sinner have been left behind to choose between God and the new world order. This isn’t your typical jump scare haunted attraction but rather a warning to people to make sure you are ready when the time comes.

Scenes: Hell’s Gates features some of the best production value that I have ever seen on these travels. Inside this tour you will find pyro techniques, gun fire, real crashed vehicles, and even a walk through the underworld. The scene construction and special effects are Hollywood level and you can really tell that great care and love was put into each scene. The first scene with the chaos, wrecked cars, and screaming civilians is worth the price of admission alone. My only grief here is that they moved the underworld scene before the judgement scene. It felt like it made more sense the other way around.
Scenes: 4.5/5

Costumes: The costumes and makeup special effects here are just as well done as the scenes. Again, the best area for this is the crash scene at the beginning. Other areas feature military like costumes for the world government as well as Jesus himself. The costumes are very well put together. There was one or two things out of place. For example, one of the females that was dressed up in all black as a military official had a cell phone with a flowery design sticking out of her pocket.
Costumes: 4.5/5

Actors: You could tell that the actors here were really into what they were doing. Each actor played their part well and the script was well done. The actors in the opening scene did their parts well and I honestly don’t see how they had voices left after all the screaming. The military officials played their parts well especially the general character in the camp scene. The actor portraying Jesus did a great job as well.
Actors: 5/5

Crowd Control: This is a guided tour so there is no group bunching. The crowds that get sent through together are massive but for the layout and process of the scenes it makes since. It can be hard to see things sometimes due the amount of people that go through at one time. However, it really isn’t that big of a deal as the scenes are laid out in a way so that there is always something to see no matter where you are standing/sitting.
Crowd Control: 4.5/5

Atmosphere: This is an entirely different experience from other Halloween events. You don’t go to Hell’s Gates for jump scares or to get chased by chainsaws. Hell’s Gates is a warning about living a good life and being prepare for when the end eventually comes. The production value here is amazing and everyone involved puts their all into their parts. Even if you are not of the Christian faith this is something you should experience if for no other reason than to see an excellent show. It’s a scary experience for an entirely different reason.
Atmosphere: 5/5

Overall Rating For Hell’s Gates: 4.7/5
Hell’s Gates is located at 329 Harmony Church Road, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Tickets are $20 per person. There is a group discount of $18 per person if you have 20 or more people. There is a concession stand on site. The website recommends the attraction for ages 12 and up so I will stick with this. For more information visit www.hellsgates.com. Happy Haunting.

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